For All Of Your Boiler Installation Or Replacement Needs, Call AKS Plumbing!

Replacing your boiler can seem like a financially intimidating task, but in the long run can wind up being a very cost efficient one. With the rising prices of gas, no drop should be wasted, and if you have a boiler that is over a decade old, you could be wasting as much as half of the gas you buy. Older boilers are far less energy or cost efficient, causing you to waste money and resources. Modern boilers, however, are made considerably more energy efficient, making it a worthy investment to replace your old boiler system!

At AKS Plumbing, we are happy to replace or install any boiler within the Leytonstone, Wanstead, E11, E15 and Leyton areas. We are not representative of any specific boiler company, so our customers have the advantage of selection when considering a new boiler. We will use our expertise in the field to present you with discounts on a variety of boilers, allowing you to choose which will best fit your needs. We like to pass our discounts on to the customer, rather than pocketing the difference, as we strive to provide you with the best possible value on your boiler replacement or installation.

We at AKS plumbing completely understand the financial undertaking involved with replacing your old boiler or installing a new boiler, and because of this we give reliable and all inclusive quotes that our customers can trust. Everything from travel expenses to parking fees will be included in your quote, with a guarantee of no surprise fees or inclusions being found later on your bill. Budgeting is made far more difficult when price quotes are inaccurate, and we want to provide a convenient and budget friendly service to our Leytonstone customers!

The AKS Boiler Installation And Replacement Guarantee

All of our boiler replacement and installation services come fully equipped with a written 12 month guarantee. Should anything go wrong with your system during this 12 month span, we will promptly send one of our Gas Safe registered engineers to fix your issue at no additional cost to you. We take pride in the work that we do in the Leytonstone area, and we are willing to stand behind our quality of workmanship.

At AKS Plumbing we also guarantee that the price you are quoted will be the price youll pay for your desired service. We feel that there is no place for surprises when it comes to boiler installation or replacement, unless that surprise involves excellent quality, so we like to keep all of our Leytonstone customers well informed of the financial information needed regarding any service. We also offer a 24 hour and 7 day a week call service in case any questions or concerns should arise about your boiler installation or replacement. This call centre is manned by our Gas Safe registered engineers who are ready to serve our Leytonstone customers with all of the knowledge they could desire about their new boiler!

If you are seeking a new boiler for your Leytonstone home or business, call AKS Plumbing for a quote today!

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